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Ai-Da – ROBOT ARTIST (London)

Ai-Da - ROBOT ARTIST (London)

Ai-Da Robot ‘Do Robots Dream of Electric Bees?’

Annka Kultys Gallery – Sept 10 to Oct 10, 2020 London (UK)



Annka Kultys Gallery celebrates its fifth anniversary with “Do Robots Dream of Electric Bees?”. A revolutionary first trade exhibition on the work of an artificially intelligent artist. The exhibition builds on the world’s first gallery performance by a robotic artist to showcase recent works by Ai-Da. The custom-made life-size humanoid robot artist. Much broader in aspiration than the mere imitation of a human artist. Ai-Da includes an ethical arts project. Intended to highlight the beneficial and creative uses of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in contemporary art. While simultaneously providing a vehicle to explore the multifaceted challenges facing scenic capitalism.

Aidan Meller.

Like global warming. The unprecedented extinctions of species. Drug crises. The precariousness of most of the jobs created by today’s huge liquid global capital flows. The supranational business practices that accompany them. The project nevertheless manifests itself through the eponymous robot, Ai-Da. Described by its creator, Aidan Meller, as the “world’s first ultra-realistic artist robot”. Which is of course also a work of art in itself.



Website ⇒ http://www.annkakultys.com/







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