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Joe Fig

Joe Fig

Joe Fig

Cristin Tierney Gallery – Sep 01 to Oct 17, 2020 New-York (USA)


Galerie Cristin Tierney is pleased to present an exhibition of new paintings by Joe Fig. Entitled Contemplation. It opens on September 1 and continues until Saturday October 17.

Contemplation tables present versions of the same scene. People who look at art. Some are in galleries. Others in museums. The parameters cover the whole range. Crowded blockbusters where visitors gain importance. To the calm and intimate portraits of an individual completely absorbed by a work of art. Begun in 2016, the series illustrates many exhibitions of the last years. The exhibition chronicles the artist’s travels across the country.


When we contemplate a work of art. We break it down into its elements. Evaluate what we see and form opinions. We consider what is communicated. Contemplation is something that artists constantly do. When they do something, artists often stop to step back. Look and think. Far from being passive, contemplation is a charged action. It is as intrinsic to the creative process as the actual physical work of making an object. As Fig says, “It is in this moment of apparent inactivity where the artist works the hardest.”


Joe Fig Artists | Cristin TierneyJoe Fig: Contemplation

Galerie Cristin Tierney – 219 Bowery, Floor 2 New York, NY 10002






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