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Vian Borchert: “Rise of the Young Kingdom”

Vian Borchert: "Rise of the Young Kingdom''

Vian Borchert: “Rise of the Young Kingdom”

Capital Culture House & El Barrio ArtSpace PS109 – July 05 to July 15, 2024 New York (US)


NYC Cityscapes:

In the NYC cityscape paintings of Vian Borchert, hints of hope are evoked through the usage of colors such as the blues and purples and their hues along with geometric architecture shapes and white stripes that glisten of light that has fallen upon the city’s skyscrapers and facades. Lines merge to bring our eyes to the buildings that stand tall almost like rockets ready to launch into outer space.

The work is a visual lover letter .

The buildings stand tall looking up towards the sky and symbolically projecting that despite how distressing things might be, one has to look up! One has to dream! One has to reach for the stars! One has to have hope of a better tomorrow regardless of how overcast it is today. One has to persevere and carry on! The work is a visual lover letter to one of the cities that houses some of the best architecture in the world, NYC. The painterly emphasis through brush strokes along with a sense of mist highlight dreamy takes of walks taken through the city admiring its dynamic essence and architecture; and thus transporting Borchert’s journey through the arts and to the world via the artist’s eyes.


Capital Culture House→ El Barrio ArtSpace PS109 – 215 E 99th St, New York, NY 10029

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