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Mario Del Curto – Until Aug 30

Mario Del Curto - Until Aug 30

Mario Del Curto

Le lieu unique – Until Aug 30, 2020 Nantes (France)



The Plant Humanity exhibition is the story in pictures of a ten-year journey. Directed by Swiss photographer Mario Del Curto. Around the world, around the complex links that humans have with plants. For the first time, he presents all of his work on this theme at the Unique Place with more than 200 photographs.

Wild or shaped, the garden always evokes a culture. Personalities or knowledge transmitted. In strong and symbolic images. It exposes itself in all its dimensions. Food, scientific, ornamental, artistic and political.
After ten years of flying over the world in poor regions. Gigantic cities. Sophisticated laboratories. Mario Del Curto notes that the balance of ecosystems is not just a concept or an idea of ​​catastrophic environmentalists. There are more and more humans. More and more cut off from natural environments. Origins, their roots. The photographer invites us to reflect on what is at stake in our relationships with nature. To react to the development of an “above ground humanity”.


Reap what you sow: Mario Del Curto's world of vegetation – in ...Exploring Geopolitics | Photography, Reap what you sow, Miracle garden

Le lieu unique : Quai Ferdinand Favre44000 Nantes, France






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