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“Women in Abstraction”

"Women in Abstraction"

“Women in Abstraction”

Center Pompidou Museum – Until Aug 23, 2021 Paris (France)


The exhibition offers an unprecedented reinterpretation of the history of abstraction from its origins until the 1980s. Articulating the specific contributions of nearly one hundred and ten “female artists.”

“They abstract” gives the opportunity to discover artists who constitute discoveries. Both for specialists and for the general public. The exhibition highlights the work of many of them suffering from a lack of visibility. Recognition beyond the borders of their country. It focuses on the paths of artists, sometimes unfairly overshadowed by the history of art. Then, returning to their specific contribution to the history of abstraction.

Woman artist.

Finally, “They Abstraction” integrates the history of feminism in the 1970s. Through the struggles waged by artists and by great theorists. This questions the legitimacy of the notion of “female artist” by reflecting the positions of the artists themselves. With their complexities and their paradoxes. Many have indeed positioned themselves beyond gender, while others claim a “feminine” art. Based on the observation that the history of art is endlessly rewritten with the help of new narratives, “They Abstraction” offers another history of abstraction. With a view to a future rewrite of the history of art.



"Women in Abstraction"
Lynda Benglis – (1941)
Barbara Hepworth, Oval Sculpture (No. 2) | Барбара хепуорт, Каменная скульптура, Скульптура
Barbara Hepworth (1943-1956)
Abrahamjanssens (abrahamjanssens) - Profile | Pinterest
Georgiana Houghton (1866 – 1884)
Art Limited (@artlimitednet) | Twitter
Joan Mitchell – 1958



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