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Vian Borchert “In Full Bloom”

Vian Borchert "In Full Bloom"

Vian Borchert “In Full Bloom”
Lichtundfire Gallery – Jun 30 to Aug 20, 2021 Manhattan, N-Y (US)


For this exhibition, Vian Borchert wanted to create paintings that evoke feelings of happiness. Rejuvenation achieved through love for nature. The abundant beauty and endless bounty it bestows on mankind.
In these brand new paintings created especially for this exhibition, Vian dives into the color purple with all its hues. The lavender color was particularly significant for Vian during the COVID period. Ever since she became interested in gardening in her forties by planting lavender in her garden. She finds the plant resilient, poignant, beautifully gorgeous in its subdued purple hues and greyish-blue green stems and leaves. Most importantly, the plant has therapeutic benefits and uplifting aspects thanks to its scent, which makes it an excellent source of relaxation in times of stress. Borchet has always been passionate about nature and grew up admiring all plants, especially the lavender. For her, the smell and sight of lavender brings back sweet memories of good times with a sense of calm and peace. Nearby, she has visited a number of picturesque lavender fields that are becoming a staple of new farms that cater to lovers of lavender of all kinds.

Pushing the boundaries.

In these paintings, she intends to achieve a number of goals. Such as going beyond the 2D frame. To push back the limits of the fields to the outer stretched canvas. In doing this, Borchert challenged herself to go beyond square and go into space. This exploratory action is also symbolic of her feelings towards the series of these lavender fields. Her intention was to have a bird’s eye view of the fields as if I were flying above them. This action also embodies her free-spirited nature which is true to her identity. Therefore, her intention to bring out the airy quality through the theme and light hues of lavender is to create a lightness not only for the visual senses, but also to absorb the flight-like quality of these works.
These paintings are a celebration not only of floral flowers through the arts, but also of the city’s reopening through its creative summer exhibition. “



Lichtundfire Gallery→  175 Rivington Street, NY, NY 10002, United States






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