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Matisse “LIKE A NOVEL”

Matisse "LIKE A NOVEL"

Matisse “LIKE A NOVEL”

Museum Center Pompidou – Until Feb 22, 2021 Paris (France)


The Center Pompidou in Paris is dedicating an exhibition to the master of modern painting: Matisse, pairs and series. Few paintings, but all of them are dazzling masterpieces that tell how Henri Matisse confronted the creative process. His simultaneous approach to the same motif. Through frame variations. Drawing. Touch, and colors. In short, one of the most beautiful and surprising exhibitions of the Parisian cultural season.

In 1942, Henri Matisse declared: “The importance of an artist is measured by the quantity of new signs he has introduced into visual language. “Throughout his career, he is this artist. Like all great creators, he gives birth to worlds without equivalents. These new plastic signs he is calling for. His work, intended to upset the modern gaze. Expressed himself through a variety of techniques that he worked on tirelessly. Painting. Drawing. Sculpture. Illustrated books, and up to this singular invention. Rich in consequences on the artistic level. From a drawing in color, with the cut-out gouaches made at the end of his life.


Museum Center Pompidou→  Place Georges-Pompidou, 75004 Paris (France)





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