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Greg Miller – Online Exhibition

Greg Miller - Online Exhibition

Greg Miller – Online Exhibition

JoAnne Artman Gallery – Until July 31, 2020 New-York (USA)


The JoAnne Artman Gallery is pleased to present “CAVE PAINTER”. An exclusive online exhibit showcasing the works of Greg Miller.

A self-proclaimed “contemporary rock painter”. The Miller process is steeped in all aspects of culture. Art. Architecture and images that surround it. Combining his paintings with elements found on the surface of his paintings and panels. It addresses both the history of art and the ephemeral nature of cultural ephemera and collective memory.

In a mixed media approach. Which links the pictorial narrative and the societal documentation of a cave painter with his own Californian roots. Miller creates tangible visual stories through his compositions. “I continue to explore my relationship with the space I live in to communicate a particular experience,” says Miller. “I continue to appropriate myself, to work with painting and collage. Also, explore the contradiction. The ambiguity and the truth between the urban landscape and history. ”


Greg Miller - Online

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