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Congo & Jackson Pollock

Congo & Jackson Pollock

Congo & Jackson Pollock

Shin Gallery – June 25 to Aug 02, 2020 New-York (USA)


The Shin Gallery is pleased to present works on paper by Congo and Jackson Pollock. At the summit of abstract expressionism. The two artists have acquired immense international renown for their non-figurative and avant-garde action pieces. The exhibition aims to recognize their heritage by focusing on the Congo. A chimpanzee who explored the limits of abstraction just like his contemporary Jackson Pollock.

Desmond Morris

Born in 1954, the Congo chimp has become famous for its symmetrical patterns. And its distinctive gestural approach. His artistic career began at the age of two. When the zoologist, author and surrealist painter Desmond Morris offered the Congo a pencil. Shortly after, Morris discovered that the chimpanzee could draw circles. Summarize the structure of the composition. Congo was attentive to the complementary tones and hues. Colors instinctively juxtaposed to demonstrate balance in his work. Similar to the symbolic pieces “freely scribbled” by Cy Twombly. The Congo communicated a unique pictorial language through expressive drawings and paintings.


Shin Gallery – 322 Grand Street Lower East Side – New York, NY, USA 10002






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