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Echoes of Bauhaus: New Vision

Echoes of Bauhaus

Echoes of Bauhaus: New Vision

Ruth’s Table Gallery – Feb 6 to April 24, 2020 San-Francisco (US)

ARTISTS: Elisabeth Ajtay. Rachelle Bussieres. Antonio Cortez. John Csongradi. Kadet Kuhne. Terri Loewenthal. Camila Magrane. Douglas McCulloh. Sonia Melnikova-Raich. Suzy Poling. Ron Saunders. Theodora Varnay Jones. Sally Weber.


Paying homage to the Bauhaus at 100 years old. The Echoes of Bauhaus Photography Cast Long Shadows exhibition explores the profound impact of Bauhaus ideas in the contemporary field of photography.

By bringing together all of its forms. Prints, projections and installations. This exhibition explores how artists in the bay region draw on aesthetics. The school’s spirit of unlimited experimentation and continue to push the limits of the medium through the innovative use of technology. New technical photographs and interdisciplinary strategies.


Echoes of Bauhaus
Sonia Melnikova-Raich
Elisabeth Ajtay, Appropriation (of the Other). Photograph. 19.75" x 23.75".”.
Elisabeth Ajtay
Camila Magrane. Clio. Interactive Photogram Mirror. Made with a Microsoft Kinect in Unity. 2018
Camila Magrane

Ruth’s Table Gallery – 3160 21st Street San Francisco, CA 94110

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