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David Hockney – The arrival of spring, Normandy, 2020

David Hockney - The arrival of spring, Normandy, 2020

David Hockney – The arrival of spring, Normandy, 2020
The Art Institute of Chicago – Aug 20 to Jan 09, 2022 Chicago (US)


Two years ago, at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the ever-versatile and inventive artist David Hockney traveled to France with the express intention of capturing the emergence of spring.

Spring was emerging.

A defining figure in the British Pop Art movement known for his vivid landscapes. His domestic scenes and intimate portraits born in California, Hockney had focused two previous series on spring. For this latest project, he observed the richness of the season from the bucolic setting of rural Normandy. Working outdoors (outdoors). He spent his days scrutinizing and recording the subtle, daily changes in plants and light as spring emerged. He was setting in with all of his drama and glory. The outdoors approach was particularly suited to his business because of Normandy’s associations with the origin of French Impressionism. As Hockney noted, Monet witnessed and recorded 40 springs in the nearby town of Giverny.



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