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Tony Cragg – Body and Soul

Tony Cragg - Body and Soul

Tony Cragg – Body and Soul
Albertina Museum – Until Nov 06, 2022 Vienna (Austria)


In this presentation, the Albertina Museum turns an esteeming spotlight on the internationally acclaimed oeuvre of Tony Cragg. Born in Liverpool in 1949 and now a resident of Wuppertal and Berlin, for the first time with a selection of ca. 20 sculptures and just as many drawings. The development of Cragg’s sculptural output over time reveals a progressive shift from figurative to abstracted forms while his inclusion of unconventional materials such as fiberglass and Kevlar alongside wood, stone, and stainless steel renders the perceptibility of his sculptures’ presence within a given space highly variable.


The 1990s saw Cragg begin paying increased attention to the production of drawings. Manifested both as sketches and as expressions of his thoughts on formal and substantive questions. Here, the artist is fond of working in series in which he deals thoroughly with his various representational and abstract motifs.




Albertina Museum→  Albertinaplatz 1 Vienna, Austria 1010







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