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Benji Reid – April 2 to may 30

Benji Reid

Benji Reid

October Gallery – April 2 to may 30, 2020 London (UK)


Laugh at Gravity is Benji Reid’s first solo exhibition at the October gallery. This highly anticipated exhibition. The artist’s showcase follows the 2019 edition of AKAA (also known as Africa). Paris and the 2020 edition of ICTAF (Investec Cape Town Art Fair) where the artist’s work captivated the public.

Benji Reid considers himself a choreographer-photographer. A term he coined to sum up his unique practice where theatricality. Choreography and photography meet in the image. His breathtaking photographs. Composed mainly of self-portraits in incredible poses. Anti-gravitational with a mixture of accessories. Train the audience in a different dimension.


In the hyper-realities he presents. The subject is released by acts of the artist’s imagination. Whether to explore life as a foreigner. Mental health issues or the complexity of fatherhood. Reid involves the audience in the discussion. Each portrait perfectly placed on vivid backgrounds. Adorned with fantastic objects addresses the world in which we live. Everyday objects like a paddle. A sparkler or a stool transforms and transports the subject into an alternative reality that offers protection and liberation.


Benji Reid

October Gallery – 24 Old Gloucester Street London WC1N 3AL (UK)







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