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Xaviera Simmons: Crisis Makes a Book Club

Xaviera Simmons: Crisis Makes a Book Club

Xaviera Simmons: Crisis Makes a Book Club
Queens Museum of Art – Oct 02 to March 05, 2023 New York (US)


The Queens Museum presents Crisis Makes a Book Club, a large-scale exhibition by Xaviera Simmons. Simmons’ formal practice spans photography. Performance, video, sound, sculpture and installation to critically examine contemporary artistic practices. American life as shaped by social histories of whiteness. Structural and systemic diseases and work.

Several artistic modes.

The exhibition includes works that link form to sensuality. To desire, to language and to abstraction. New monumental works that span multiple art modes. Including text-based paintings, photographs, videos, sculptural figures. Chromatically coordinated interventions in the galleries and billboard-sized works for the exterior façade of the Museum. Viewing white supremacy and capitalism as intertwined systems that maintain the vast reach of the United States’ empire, Simmons’ works call for the urgent need for large-scale structural repair. In this ambitious exhibition, Simmons offers a detour from the ideologies of representation to a liberating framework that centers both a rigorous engagement with art history as well as restorative economic and spiritual projects.

La Jornada and Queens Museum Cultural Food Pantry.

Simmons collaborates with the La Jornada and Queens Museum Cultural Food Pantry on projects in the pantry distribution area. These interventions honor the caring work of food pantry volunteers while opposing the way food pantry arises from the stratification of wealth. Simmons’ work recognizes that poverty and unequal access to resources are a structural symptom of capitalism that can only be countered by large-scale systemic change.



Xaviera Simmons: Crisis Makes a Book ClubQueens Museum of Art →  Flushing Meadows Corona Park Queens – New York, NY, USA 11368







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