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Tomás Saraceno – in orbit

Tomás Saraceno - in orbit

Tomás Saraceno – in orbit
K21, Kunstsammlung NRW – Until 01 July 2022 Düsseldorf (Germany)


Suspended at a height of over 25m above K21 Square is the enormous orbiting facility. A work by artist Tomás Saraceno. The installation appears like a surrealist landscape. It is reminiscent of a sea of ​​clouds. Floating planetary bodies. The physically accessible work is constructed of steel trellis. Virtually transparent that interweaves three levels spanning the massive glass dome. Five air-filled “spheres” are positioned in the mesh structure which encompasses an area of ​​2500 m².

Miniature figures.

Visitors are invited to enter the facility and explore it by climbing. The brave who venture into the structure consider visitors to the museum below. Wandering the square, like miniature figures occupying a miniature-like world. From the ground floor and mezzanines of the Ständehaus, visitors to the installation on the net seem to float in the sky.

As soon as several people enter the structure simultaneously, it starts to move. Modifying the tension of the steel cables and the distances between the three levels of the interlaced net. The floating space now becomes a vibrant web of relationships. Of resonances and synchronous communication.

Spider in a web.

Like a spider in a web, visitors perceive the presence of others through vibrations. This echoes Saraceno’s interest and research, carried out in his studio in Berlin, on new hybrid and more than human forms of communication, and cohabitation. “To describe the work is to describe the people who use it – and their emotions,” explains Saraceno.




K21, Kunstsammlung NRW→  Ständehausstrasse 1 Düsseldorf, Germany 40217






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