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Sterling Ruby – ICA/Boston

Sterling Ruby

Sterling Ruby

Institute of Contemporary Art – Until Oct 12, 2020 Boston (USA)


ICA/Boston presents the first comprehensive museum survey for American artist Sterling Ruby.

The exhibition features more than 70 works. Which demonstrate the relationship between the material transformation in Ruby’s practice and the rapidly changing culture. Institutions and work. Spanning over two decades of the artist’s career. The exhibition examines the origins and development of his practice. Through mediums ranging from drawings. Sculptures less known to its renowned ceramics and paintings.

American culture.

Since her early works, Ruby has studied the artist’s role as an outsider. Criticizing the structures of modernism and traditional institutions. Ruby discusses the repressed foundations of American culture. The coding of power and violence. The craft is at the heart of his investigation. He explores the radical history of ceramics in California. The traditions of Amish quilt making. Shaped by his education in Pennsylvania, a Dutch country. The process of combining disparate elements is at the heart of Ruby’s material claims. Which serve as a form of autobiographical and cultural archeology. Organized freely by chronology and medium. Sterling Ruby considers the artist’s explorations on these themes through the many materials and forms he has used throughout his practice.


Sterling RubyRed Uniform Sculpture by Sterling Ruby (avec images) | Sculpture ...Sterling Ruby | icaboston.org

Institute of Contemporary Art 25 Harbor Shore Dr Boston 02210 (USA)

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