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Kenny Scharf – Until Oct 31

Kenny Scharf

Kenny Scharf

Jeffrey Deitch Gallery – Until Oct 31, 2020 L.A (USA)

The exhibition will be viewed by appointment only.


This summer, visitors to Jeffrey Deitch’s gallery in Los Angeles will be faced with an astonishing spectacle. Two hundred and fifty circular paintings of faces by Kenny Scharf. All different. He’s been working on this project for months. Painting several faces a day. He thinks his paintings are like people. No two are alike.

Kenny Scharf has been spray painting faces since 1981. Sneaking into the street. He learns to develop images spontaneously and quickly. Her face project involves intense concentration. He has created a vast body of work within a rigorous set of constraints. But with endless possibilities.

Who are the characters represented on the many paintings of Scharf? He explains that they all reflect aspects of his own personality. Some days he needs to release his aggressive energy. They can reflect his anger. Other faces reflect his exuberance and love of painting.


Kenny ScharfKenny Scharf | Art, Les oeuvres

Jeffrey Deitch Gallery→ 925 N Orange Dr Los Angeles 90038 (USA)






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