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Richard Jackson “works with books”

Richard Jackson "works with books"

Richard Jackson “works with books”
Hauser & Wirth Gallery – Until 06 June 2021 Los Angeles (United States)


From the early 1970s, the murals. Batteries and installations. On the theme of the room of Californian Richard Jackson gave rise to a series of major innovations in painting. The sculpture. Performance. The installation and the relationships between them.

Jackson’s interest in the wider possibilities of artistic creation. The way in which this can be done also extends to books. Organized by Dagny Corcoran, a longtime friend of Jackson and author of Hauser & Wirth Publishers’ expansive 2020 monograph timeline on the artist. This Book & Printed Matter Lab presentation highlights Jackson’s artist books. As well as, supporting archival documents. This shows the artist’s concern for the ambiguous demands of the codex. The content, format and purpose of a publication.

You will find a playlist created by Chris Kidd, author and dear friend of Jackson, as the audio backdrop for the presentation. An eclectic selection of the dark and the eternal. Interspersed with nods to Richard’s long-standing love of opera. This playlist sums up the life and career of an artist who has never been bound by easy categorization.


Hauser & Wirth→  901 East 3rd Street Los Angeles, CA, USA 90013

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