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Mark Steven Greenfield  “Black Madonna”

Mark Steven Greenfield  "Black Madonna"

Mark Steven Greenfield  “Black Madonna”

William Turner Gallery – by appointment until Nov 28, 2020 Los Angeles (US)


The William Turner Gallery is pleased to present, Black Madonna. An exhibition of new and recent works by Mark Steven Greenfield. The exhibit explores aspects of the African-American experience in American culture. Often criticizing and offering unique perspectives on a society still grappling with the consequences of slavery and racial injustice. As Greenfield said, “My work incorporates irony. Humor. The tragedy. The pathetic. History and a myriad of other tools, to challenge long-held notions of race in a different way.

The exhibition presents a striking new series of 17 paintings of the Black Madonna. Who reinvent these unique religious icons. They began to appear in the 13th and 14th centuries in churches throughout medieval Europe. The origin and purpose of Black Madonnas in religious iconography is somewhat of a mystery. The subject of many academic debates. This inspired Greenfield to infuse them with its own contemporary meaning and perspective.



William Turner Gallery→  2525 Michigan Ave E-1, Santa Monica, CA 90404, US






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