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Linde Ivimey “Dearest”

Linde Ivimey "Dearest"

Linde Ivimey “Dearest”
Martin Browne Contemporary – Until April 25, 2021 Sydney (Australia)


Martin Browne Contemporary presents Linde Ivimey’s work “Dearest”. Linde Ivimey features newly created figures and animals. Each built from bone and natural fibers. Materials that have been collected and collected over many years. The balance and pathos inherent in Ivimey’s characters come from her unwavering approach to each work as she constructs, creates and decorates it. Each figurine is decorated with a souvenir that tells a story specific to the figure. Sometimes worn as a visible ornament. They also often remain a secret hidden in the sculpture. A bond kept between the artist and his creation.


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Martin Browne Contemporary→  15 Hampden Street Paddington – Sydney, Australia NSW 2021


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