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Josh Sperling – Spectrum

Josh Sperling "Spectrum"

Josh Sperling “Spectrum”
Perrotin Gallery – Until June 12, 2021 Hong Kong (China)


Perrotin Hong Kong is pleased to announce Spectrum. A solo exhibition by New York artist Josh Sperling. This is the artist’s first exhibition in Hong Kong. Building on and extending from formal breakthroughs. Sperling works with shaped canvases that blur the lines between painting and sculpture. Among which its characteristic “scribbles” and “double bubbles”.

We see in this first exhibition a large piece of immersive scribbles. Composed of its physical “lines” on all three walls of a gallery room. The artist uses the spectrum to guide his color choices. In the second room of the gallery, tondos of different sizes. Made of “double bubbles” and circular shapes, are displayed on all walls. Covered with paint applied using abstract expressionist techniques.

Meticulous process.

Defying conventional definitions. The “scribbles” and “double bubbles” are painted sculptural forms. In order to achieve these hybrid forms, the artist has developed a meticulous process. It culminates in a canvas stretched by hand. Then, on a precisely stepped plywood backing. In the form of a curved or wavy line (scribble). Or, two circles that seem to stretch (double bubble). After Sperling has finished a shape, he applies acrylic paint and varnish. Carefully navigate between a matte and shiny surface.


Josh Sperling "Spectrum"


Perrotin Gallery→  807, K11 ATELIER Victoria Dockside, 18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Hong Kong




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