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Jaune Plensa – Chicago

Jaune Plensa - Chicago

Jaune Plensa  ” Nocturne”

Gray Warehouse – by appointment from Nov 14 to Jan 9, 2O21 Chicago (US)


Gray Warehouse in Chicago is pleased to present Nocturne. A personal exhibition of the new sculpture by Jaume Plensa. Making his debut in nine of the artist’s latest works in stone. Glass. Steel and bronze. Nocturne explores the range and mastery of the artist’s sculptural portrait.

In Nocturne, a word evocative of the night. Plensa navigates the symbolic dichotomy between lightness and darkness. The artist presents his new body of work in a gradient of material density. Starting with the most substantial sculpture in black basalt and bronze. And ending with light and ethereal figures in stainless steel and Murano glass. Contemplating the extraordinary challenges of the present in these terms. Plensa maintains that “no matter how long the night, the morning always comes. Whether it embraces or opposes the intrinsic qualities of its materials. The exhibition of sculptural portraits by Plensa. Symbolizes the potential for hope to emerge from a place of utter darkness.


Lou, 2019 Bronze 40 1/2 × 31 1/2 × 42 7/8 inches (103 × 80 × 109 cm)JAUME PLENSA - NocturneRui Rui, 2019 Bronze

Richard Gray Gallery→ 875 N Michigan Ave #3800, Chicago, IL 60611, US






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