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Heidi Bucher: Metamorphoses

Heidi Bucher: Metamorphoses

Heidi Bucher: Metamorphoses
Haus der Kunst Museum – Until Jan 16, 2022 Munich (Germany)


With Heidi Bucher (* 1926 Winterthur, † 1993 Brunnen, Switzerland) the Haus der Kunst presents an important artist. Rediscovery of the international neo-avant-garde. She explores the constraints and liberation processes of human forms of existence with her latex works. With her performative work, she directs the gaze towards the body in the room, where experiences take place. Relationships and emotions. For the first time, the retrospective will present to the public all the central groups of works. From the beginnings to the experimental period in Los Angeles and New York. The main work with the architectural skins to the subsequent work created in Lanzarote.

Body sculptures.

Bucher’s initial fascination with the interplay between art and fashion spawned genderless body sculptures in California in the early 1970s. Wearable and dancing body sculptures “Bodyshells” already celebrate their concept of sculpture. Between performance and object and allow to merge sculpture, architecture, design and dance. They will be reconstituted and reactivated for a conference as part of this exhibition.

Latex skins.

With latex skins, performed with enormous physical effort. Bucher transferred psychological processes to the material. Taking possession and transforming rooms became a leitmotif in the mid-1970s. Starting with the departure of their own Borg artist studio in the cold room of a former butcher’s shop. Also in her parents’ house, she applied liquid rubber to the floor and walls of the “gentleman’s room” (1978). Formerly reserved for male family members, and with this skin it symbolically replaced the patriarchal family structure.



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