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Ernesto Neto “SunForceOceanLife”

Ernesto Neto "SunForceOceanLife"

Ernesto Neto “SunForceOceanLife”

The Museum of Fine Arts – Until Sep 26, 2021 Houston (US)


The Museum’s summer series of large-scale immersive exhibits continues with SunForceOceanLife. This major commission from famous Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto transforms Cullinan Hall into a suspended catwalk.

When visitors enter the epic sculptural work. They can explore a complex maze of interactive pathways. All suspended in the air. The SunForceOceanLife spiral solid consists of yellow materials. Oranges and greens that are hand-woven in attractive designs.

Neto (born 1964) has captivated audiences around the world with his multisensory environments. One of the artist’s greatest crochet works to date. SunForceOceanLife is inspired by its long-term commitment to art. The culture and traditions of the different cultures that make up Brazil.



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The Museum of Fine Arts→  1001 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005, US





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