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Vivian Maier: Unseen Work

Vivian Maier: Unseen Work
Fotografiska New York – May 30 to Aug 31, 2024 New York (US)


This spring, Fotografiska New York will present the first major retrospective in the United States of invisible artist Vivian Maier’s extraordinary work.

Born in New York in 1926, Vivian Maier spent her early years in the Bronx. Throughout her time in New York City, Maier began to photograph the world around her and develop a visual language through the use of her camera, all while working as a nanny. Nearly a century later, Maier figures in the history of photography alongside the greatest masters of the twentieth century.

200 works.

Vivian Maier: Unseen Work explores Maier’s complete oeuvre from the early 1950s to the mid-1980s through approximately 200 works: vintage and modern prints, color, black and white, and Super 8 films and soundtracks, offering a complete vision of the dense, rich and complex architecture of this archive that provides a fascinating testimony to post-war America and the hell of the American dream.

John Maloof Collection.

The exhibition is organized by diChroma photography and Fotografiska New York in collaboration with the John Maloof Collection, Chicago, and the Howard Greenberg Gallery, New York. Presented for the first time at Musée du Luxembourg, Paris from September 15th, 2021 to January 16th, 2022, the exhibition was co-organized by diChroma photography and the Réunion des musées nationaux Grand Palais.

Status of women.

The exhibition is supported by Women In Motion, founded by the Kering Group in 2015 to highlight inequalities in the field of culture and the arts and to change perceptions. Since then, the program has become a platform of choice for helping to change mindsets and leading conversations about the status of women in the arts and culture.



Vivian Maier: Retrospective (Paris)

Fotografiska New York →  281 Park Avenue South 22nd Gramercy Park – New York, NY, USA 10010







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