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Vian Borchert ” REFRACTURE – Visual Realignment”

Vian Borchert " REFRACTURE – Visual Realignment"

Vian Borchert ” REFRACTURE – Visual Realignment”
Lichtundfire Gallery – until Feb 25, 2023 New York (US)


To start with Greek Philosopher Archimedes and these words:
“Certain things first became clear to me by a mechanical method, although they had to be demonstrated by geometry afterwards because their investigation by the said method did not furnish an actual demonstration. But it is of course easier, when we have previously acquired by the method, some knowledge of the questions, to supply the proof than it is to find it without any previous knowledge.”
— Archimedes

“REFRACTURE– Visual Realignment”.

Noted artist Vian Borchert’s latest paintings embody a sense of geometry mixed with philosophy and even physics. Borchert presents her latest paintings of mixed media executed with acrylic on canvas and archival paper in the exhibition titled “REFRACTURE– Visual Realignment” for the month of February 2023 at Lichtundfire gallery in NYC. The concept is by Concept by Priska Juschka. Lichtundfire is located in Manhattan’s Lower East Side at: 175 Rivington Street, NYC, NY. Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Saturday: 12-6PM.

Artwork Statement.

This is what Borchert had to say about these latest works, “Coming from academia, I have always appreciated the works of Greek philosophers and their contribution to the fields of physics, science, math, philosophy and art. For the “Re-fracture” art exhibition project, the objective for me is to take these deep yet abstract thoughts and visually translate them into an infinite perception of what visual re-fracturing can consist of. The idea of breaking to fixing goes beyond science and moves into math, chemistry, physics, philosophy and last but not least the visual art. An architect and a scientist at heart, my approach to art falls into dissection.

Scientific approach.

Born into an art household with a mother as an artist and a father with science interest with numerous physicians from his side. I feel that I contribute to the scientific approach vis á vis my creative process as an artist. Observation on life and everything around has always been part of who I am. Looking at the skeletal roots of things and how things shape up has been the foundation of how I build and create works of art. There has always been a desire in me to have been a surgeon, a fixer of some-sort, a molder, a person who puts things together to heal, to look seamless, effortless. This subconscious hidden desire is transmitted through my art.

Abstracted collage.

The construction deconstruction topics make appearances throughout my abstraction and especially in the abstracted collage executed through the push and pull of elements. Moreover, the shaping of the images and materials through alignment and realignment come together to make a solid work of art. In regards to the art execution and the creative process of these artwork, the delivery is through my minimal abstracted vision with emphasis on structure, lines, gestural geometric shapes true to my artistic touch along with painted collages attached to the work. The artwork aims to capture depth of the perspective while being suggestive to the elements of the vanishing points and lines within an abstract field in such allowing for the unusual viewpoints and perspectives to come through highlighting the multiplicity of infinity within space.

Acrylic and mixed media.

The works are done in acrylic and mixed media on canvas and archival paper. The artwork represents my aesthetic and sense of identity as an artist with emphasis on my love for structure, strong lines and geometric shapes. As a person, I define my mind as a structured one with love for structure with a multitude of shapes. Thus, naturally these elements appear in my work, especially in the work that has architectural elements at its core. In a gist, the works go after the law of contiguity which is considered the keystone to most scientific theories of space, memory.”
Ending with Archimedes on this note:
If thou art able, O stranger, to find out all these things and gather them together in your mind, giving all the relations, thou shalt depart crowned with glory and knowing that thou hast been adjudged perfect in this species of wisdom.
— Archimedes


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Lichtundfire Gallery→  175 Rivington Street
New York, New York USA 10002









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