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LICHTUNDFIRE gallery – Until March 02, 2024 New-York (US)


The exhibition’s concept is by Lichtundfire’s director, Priska Juncka. Per the director, the theme “is inspired by the rare atmospheric natural phenomenon of the Catatumbo Lightning over the mouth of the Catatumbo River in Venezuela— while alluding to humanity’s affectivity and vulnerability, and nature’s impact on all life forms — imploring, at the same time, both awe and fear of destruction.”


Artwork Statement for the brand new paintings created especially of this show:

When lightning strikes, some people get scared and scramble, they run for cover while artist, Vian Borchert, goes out to watch the drama developing in the sky. The heavens unfold, opening up in a fury and hailing thunder to the ground. When Borchert was invited to this thunder exhibit (about the natural phenomena of the Catatumbo Lightning over the mouth of the Catatumbo River in Venezuela) the artist was excited since secretly she likes thunder. Borchert enjoys seeing atmospheric skies in a passionate rage and fury throwing bolts of thunder and lightning slivers of electric circuits our way. We the sinful humans who seek repentance see something holy in such an occurrence. A spectacle of angry Gods.


Be it Zeus or the universe’s cosmic burst, the rumbling thunder encompasses the rage within a storm (Referencing ancient Greek mythology with Zeus, since he is the God of the sky and thunder who was the weather God and the king of the Gods on Mount Olympus.) Catastrophic natural phenomenons are nothing new, but something seems to be brewing and multiplying within our earth. The Catatumbo lightning over the Catatumbo River, where the water flows into Lake Maracaibo, is a natural world wonder of an outstanding spectacle. The perpetual lightning storm that electrifies the sky for up to nine hours each day of 300 nights of the year, presents lightning of up to 28 times per minute.

Catatumbo Lightning.

As a despairing nature lover, the Catatumbo Lightning phenomena of constant lightning and thunder electrified the painter within Borchert. With these latest paintings created in early Jan 2024, the artist finds herself feverishly embracing the theme and rejoicing in its cool colors to create atmospheric abstracted landscapes that glorify such an occurrence and showcase nature’s rebellious nature in the most aesthetic manner it can bequeath. Part supernatural, part spiritual, such frantic natural furies are held in high regard in the artist’s eyes. Within these works, Borchert told the painter repressed within her to go for it! Splash thy colors, throw electrifying thunder streaks, hide behind dark clouds, appear again, reflect thy light within the ripples of the water vistas, tiptoe your way back up to the transcending clouds, dream into the infinite horizon while capturing the strength of the present moment in an electrifying stroke. One can say a brush of a skilled artist is like a magic-wand of a seasoned magician. One strike and magic can materialize. After all, artists such as V. Borchert are the illusionists for a better world to come. Through her vision and art, Borchert aims to transcend and elevate the viewer while igniting enlightening intellectual thought that opens the eyes to other worlds/realms where infinite possibilities via abstractions light up the imagination along with mystical wonderment.


The atmospheric abstractions of landscapes are executed in the acrylic on canvas medium with the following titles: “Thunder Roar”, “Kaleidoscopic Lightning”, “Infinite Thunder” and “Ball Lightning”.


LICHTUNDFIRE gallery→  175 Rivington St, NYC 10002

Link via artist’s website: https://www.vianborchert.com/exhibitions/468-infinite-thunder.html







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