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Turner in January

Turner in January

Turner in January
Scottish National Gallery – Jan 01 to Jan 31, 2023 Edinburgh (UK)


Scotland’s famous collection of Turner watercolours was left to the nation by the great art collector Henry Vaughan in 1900. Since then, following Vaughan’s strict guidelines, they have only ever been displayed during the month of January, when natural light levels are at their lowest. Because of this, these watercolours still possess a freshness and an intensity of colour, almost 200 years since they were originally created.

Annual display.

Turner in January, the annual display of these watercolours in Edinburgh, is a keenly awaited tradition for many people in Scotland. At the dawning of the New Year, as we leave behind the darkest days of winter, the bright vitality of Turner’s watercolours is just what we need.

Dramatic landscapes.

The watercolours include dramatic landscapes from the Himalayas, the Swiss Alps, and the Isle of Skye. Journeying through Britain, Europe, and beyond, this mesmerising exhibition captures the life and career of this beloved artist.



The Sun of Venice, 1840. Joseph Mallord William Turner. | William turner, Mallord, Joseph mallord william turnerClay F. Johnson on Twitter: "For J.M.W. Turner's birthday I want to share some of his brilliant watercolors that temporarily cured me of crushing winter depression last January in both Edinburgh &

Scottish National Gallery→  The Mound Edinburgh, UK EH2 2EL








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