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Thomas Trum: Loops

Thomas Trum: Loops
The Hole – Until Jul 10, 2022 New York (US)


The Hole is proud to present the first solo exhibition in America of Dutch artist Thomas Trum. After debuting his fascinating mechanized paintings in group shows, we can finally bring the artist here to New York so he can present a mural installation as well.

Giant arch.

Captivated by a video of the artist at work, using a custom designed tool to spray a giant arch of color gradient across the wall, I was determined to expose the audience here to Trum’s unique work. Updating Sol Lewitt’s stereotypical murals, clashing with Cubism and Orphic design, while bringing his experience of street culture into play, Trum innovates in abstraction. By researching the material qualities of painting and creating new ways to deploy them. He appropriates street painting devices. Oversized markers from graffiti and graphic design, often fitted with drills or bicycle chains in his experiments on how to make a line.

The machine.

The murals feature a spray swing arm that he spins as he pushes the machine through the gallery. Drops and rapids, they are intended to be expressive and influenced by fortuitous imperfections. The paintings on canvas are made with a giant squeegee and a special ink controlled very precisely by the hand of the artist. Here imperfections are not welcome and the geometry must be precise.



Thomas Trum: LoopsThomas Trum: LoopsThomas Trum: Loops

The Hole →  312 Bowery Soho – New York, NY, USA 10012







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