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The National 2021

The National 2021: New Australian Art
Art Gallery of New South Wales Until Sep 5, 2021
Carriageworks – Until June 20, 2021
Contemporary Art Museum – Until August 22, 2021


The National 2021: New Australian Art is a celebration of contemporary Australian art. Third in a series of biennial exhibitions, it presents works produced across the country by artists of different generations and cultural backgrounds. Through ambitious projects. New and ordered. The 39 artists, collectives and collaborators present in three places respond to the times in which they live. They present observations that are both provocative. Political and poetic. The National is a partnership between the Art Gallery of New South Wales (AGNSW). Carriageworks. And also, the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA). This year it was hosted by Matt Cox and Erin Vink (AGNSW). Abigail Moncrieff (Carriageworks) and Rachel Kent (MCA). Working closely together, they have developed three distinct presentations of New Australian Art. Together they highlight many of the ideas and concerns that motivate artists in Australia today.


The National 2021: New Australian Art
Wona Bae & Charlie Lawler (Art Gallery of AGNSW)
Lorraine Connelly-Northey (Carriageworks)
Bright blue & orange plastic bottle lids & buttons hanging from ceiling.
Lauren Berkowitz (MCA)


The National 2021→  https://www.the-national.com.au/



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