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The Extended Ear: An Artist Book Fair

The Extended Ear: An Artist Book Fair

The Extended Ear: An Artist Book Fair

Carnation Contemporary – Mar 05 to Mar 20, 2022 Portland (US)
Opening Saturday March 5 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.


Open call for books/Prints.

A publication is both a statement, a product and a means of dissemination. Performing multiple functions, prints and publications allow writer and reader to connect. A meeting of minds through language. Precursor of the digital file, the book is the original reproducible object, promoting exchange, interchangeability and wide distribution.

The act of publishing.

The Extended Ear: An Artist Book Fair celebrates and questions the act of publishing. At a time when everyone is making a podcast, releasing a vlog or launching a newsletter, what does publishing mean? What does it mean to publicly commemorate our thoughts. Why are artists particularly drawn to this act, whether through print, image, video or sound? What about the artistic creation process that so often leads to production through print and language? Part of the power of language is its ability to replicate quickly. However, does editing become more or less powerful with the access provided by social platforms and self-editing options? Why is it culturally important to have a distinct voice? And if everyone is talking, who is listening?



The Extended Ear: An Artist Book FairCarnation Contemporary→  8371 N Interstate Ave Portland, OR 97217 (US)







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