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Reflections on painting: Gerhard Richter

Reflections on painting: Gerhard Richter

Reflections on painting: the Birkenau series by Gerhard Richter
Alte Nationalgalerie – Until 03 Oct 2021 Berlin (Germany)


This exhibition of one of Gerhard Richter’s major works. It is devoted to the general theme of the possibilities and limits of painting. The Birkenau series, a group of four large abstract paintings created in 2014, was born out of the artist’s extended and deep engagement with the Holocaust. Richter focused particularly intensely on the question of whether and how one could even represent this unprecedented genocide.

Immediately after the end of World War II. The question of knowing if and how the Holocaust could be represented artistically. Already the subject of a fairly open discussion in Germany. Faced with the genocide perpetrated by the National Socialists against up to 6 million Jews, which remains inconceivable to this day. Many artists have categorically rejected the possibility of representing the Holocaust in art. Qualifying any attempt at an inappropriate business.



Reflections on painting: Gerhard Richter


Alte Nationalgalerie→  Bodestrasse 1-3 Mitte – Berlin, Germany 10178





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