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Norman Reedus: In Transit

Norman Reedus: In transit

Norman Reedus: In Transit

Mark Hachem & Joseph  Gallery – Nov 09 to 17, 2023 Paris (France)

Curated by Laurie Dolphin and Geraldine Beigbeder.

In partnership with ©HappenArt


The Mark Hachem gallery outside the walls at Galerie Joseph presents the exhibition “IN TRANSIT” by the American artist Norman Reedus, known for his emblematic roles in successful series such as “The Walking Dead” where he plays Daryl, and “Ride With Norman Reedus”, a motorcycle adventure across the United States and Europe. His new series DARYL DIXON is currently on screens. Living between Paris and the United States, Norman Reedus also operates in the world of cinema. After the success of the exhibition “Live the Life You Love” at the Mark Hachem gallery last year, he returns with a brand new photographic series entitled “IN TRANSIT”.

Photographic work.

His new photographic work from the 90s, a bygone era and mythical to the present day explores through portraits and places unusual all the complexity of the human soul. An initiatory quest, a road trip between dreams and reality in transit towards a new transcendence. A journey that resembles a waking dream into the depths of one’s soul, between conscious and unconscious. Beyond this transformative journey, he invites spectators to connect to the evolution of his creative work in the twists and turns of his questions and his deep self.

Underground years 90s to the present.

IN TRANSIT is an intuitive exploration, search and quasi-psychoanalytic and hypnotic personal experience.
The collection includes unpublished works, from the underground years 90 to the present day but still IN TRANSIT, in process like an exploratory quest into the depths of these different eras. “ Urban and rural environments, hot and cold weather, exhilarating and depressing,” says Norman. “It’s all very nostalgic.” Through these almost abstract urban landscapes and certain snapshots Norman the photographer shares with us a path, his own evolving path. These images question us about our own human evolution. Through the ethereal glow of leaking neon lights, a dark Gaussian blur, Norman’s eye for composition and juxtaposition has never been more visible in the universe of the invisible than in this new work of the artist.

The power of memory.

IN TRANSIT also offers a range of topics and themes diversified which evokes “the power of memory” through the eye
of the photographer like a sentinel of passing time. A kind of memorial witness to his travels throughout the world in perpetual mutation up to certain more intimate portraits and his life personal. An innate sensitivity and introspection which lead him to question ourselves about the gap between celebrity and artistic talent, between darkness, chiaroscuro and light. Close to his audience Norman will be present during this opening which will allow the public to meet this artist in person and to have an insight into his creative process and to interact with the man behind the lens.


Mark Hachem & Jopseph Gallery→  116 rue de Turenne 75003 Paris (France)

Curated by Laurie Dolphin and Geraldine Beigbeder.

In partnership with ©HappenArt







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