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Modern Art & Photography Summer Showcase

Modern Art & Photography Summer Showcase

Modern Art & Photography Summer Showcase
Alon Zakaim Fine Art- Until Aug 19, 2022 London(UK)


Divided across two floors, the ground floor display explores a thought-provoking dialogue between the abstract-expressionist art of Avigdor Arikha and Simon Hantaï. The surrealist compositions of Salvador Dalí and Victor Brauner. Alongside these works, the intersecting layers and planes of colour in the compositions of Léopold Survage and Arman invite viewers to consider how separate styles and artistic devices tie together. And how one artist’s work may well have influenced another. Together, these works promote an interesting exchange about the separate preoccupations that engrossed artists throughout the twentieth century.

Monochrome photography.

The array of colour and dynamism of this floor makes way for the subtle, yet equally breathtaking. onochrome photography of Chris Smith. Michel Ghatan, and Terry O’Neill, visible on the lower level of the gallery. Each photographer’s remarkable ability and technique to capture their respective subjects not only highlights the importance of the medium. But also provides a stunning visual memory of a moment in time. Moreover, monochrome photography bestows a rather raw quality onto the medium, which—without the distraction of colour—is arguably more suited to convey a sense of atmosphere and evoke a response from the beholder.


Pin on Auguste Herbin
Auguste Herbin “Aoum II”

Alon Zakaim Fine Art→  27 Cork Street London, UK W1S 3NG







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