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Lauren Luloff “Sequences”

Lauren Luloff "Sequences"

Lauren Luloff “Sequences”
Halsey McKay Gallery – Until March 20, 2021 New-York (US)


The Halsey McKay Gallery is thrilled to present “Sequences”. Lauren Luloff’s fifth solo show with the gallery. Luloff’s ambitious installation flows from floor to ceiling throughout the gallery on the ground floor. Create an enveloping experience. Each dye on silk panel functions as its own work within linear groupings of landscapes filled with vegetative forms interrupted by checkerboard borders. If the larger panels function as places. These sharper borders act like architecture or people scattered around its environment. Luloff has specific stories in mind. By working and organizing, although the sequences read more like memories. Dreams that float in the memory in bursts of variable clarity.

Y and H.

Luloff began this work with a form borrowed from an earlier painting. A triangle shape that could also be interpreted as a Y or an H. She explored the shape, repeating it over and over. Inside out and inside out. Examining all possible form of incarnations. Over time, the Y and H sound inhabited her thoughts as she painted them. The letters began to symbolize words like why? Or help! Or yes! More letters evolved from y-h and more words. In fact, panel paintings have become more and more descriptive of scenes. Environments. Spaces, with the motif as the key element. Often a painting is made in reaction to the prior. Or, they are born from the same burst of energy and sound.


Lauren Luloff Sequences

Halsey McKay Gallery→  79 Newtown Lane, East Hampton, NY 11937

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