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La fin de l’innocence/ La faim de l’abondance

La fin de l'innocence/ La faim de l'abondance

The End of Innocence / The Hunger of Abundance.

Galerie 18bis – First part: Until Oct 23, 2022 Paris (France)

Second part: Oct 29 to Nov 13, 2022 


Galerie 18bis presents the first part of the exhibition: “La fin de l’innocence/ La faim de l’abondance.”

The entire Galerie 18bis team would like to thank the artists who resonate with the narrative of this exhibition.

Censorship, denigration, disqualification, stigmatization are the arguments employed by the imaginary society which has organized itself so that it is impossible to escape it.

How to illustrate this dystopia in Plastic Art?

First scenography.

A first scenography as an observation, with the aim of making the viewer reflect on certain threats that weigh on society at the time in which we live.
Abundance is crossed out to reveal innocence, the plastic beauty of the works presented brings out a subliminal message. A meaning to realize that in the face of evidence of dystopia, innocence is complacency.



“La faim de l’abondance”
Galerie 18bis – Oct 29 to Nov 13, 2022 Paris (France)


Second scenography.

The second scenography of this three-part exhibition gives way to a selection by K-Litystreet. Dan invited 8 influential artists in the street art movement to offer us a version of “La faim de l’abondance”.



From Oct 09 to 23, 2022
Crystal Scalar One
Crystal Scalar One
From Oct 28 to Nov 13, 2022
From Oct 09 to 23, 2022
Galerie 18bis

Galerie 18bis→  6 Place de l’Assommoir, 75018 Paris, France









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