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Jean Dubuffet brutal beauty

Jean Dubuffet brutal beauty

Jean Dubuffet brutal beauty
Barbican Art Gallery – Until August 22, 2021 London (UK)


An exhibition celebrating French artist Jean Dubuffet (1901-1985). One of the most unique and provocative voices in post-war modern art.

Brutal Beauty defends Dubuffet’s rebellious philosophy. Opposing conventional ideas of beauty. He tried to capture the poetry of everyday life in a grainy and more authentic way. This is the first major study of his work in the UK in over 50 years. Showcasing four decades of his career. From the first fantastic portraits and statues, to assemblages of butterflies and giant colorful canvases. Dubuffet is constantly experimenting and is clear on his point:

“Art should always make you laugh a little and scare you a little.” Anything but boring.

Alongside his own work, the exhibition features works from Dubuffet’s Art Brut collection (an expression he coined, which literally translates to “art brut”). Acquired throughout his life. These works and the artists who created them have deeply marked his approach to creation and the meaning of art.


Barbican Art Gallery→  Barbican Center, Silk Street London, UK EC2Y 8DS




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