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Hiroshi Nagai – Sydney

Hiroshi Nagai - Sydney

Hiroshi Nagai: Paintings for Music

Japan Foundation – Until Jan 23, Sydney (Australia)


Hiroshi Nagai: Paintings for Music studies the relationship between the pop music of the Japanese city and the paintings of the famous illustrator Hiroshi Nagai. This is Nagai’s first international solo exhibition. Including the cover of A Long Vacation by Eiichi Ohtaki. Many other iconic record covers have spearheaded the city’s pop music culture in Japan. Nagai has since collaborated with musicians. Brands from all over the world, leaving their mark on contemporary culture and style.

This exhibition explores an era that sums up the new way of life of urban youth in Tokyo. Through the lens of Nagai’s paintings. His dream visual palette. Its associated urban successes embody the cultural reverberations of the Japanese economic boom. Providing a soundtrack and aesthetic for young city dwellers who desire endless poolside summers and vibrant nightlife in the city.

Hiroshi Nagai: Paintings for Music features 20 of the illustrator’s original works spanning his career. As well as a collection of record covers designed for a variety of musical styles from Japan and around the world. Including soul. The funk. Pop, Reggae. The boogie and more.


Japan Foundation→  The Japan Foundation, Sydney Level 4, Central Park 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008






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