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Drive-Thru Art Exhibition

First drive-thru art exhibition

Mesa College debuts first drive-thru art exhibition.

Mesa College – Until Dec 9, 2020 San Diego (US)

Monday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Closed on weekends and school holidays.


Drive-In at Mesa College: An Outdoo Art Exhibition is a visual time capsule. Commemorating the dramatic events of the past eight months. Plague, social unrest and fires. This physically distant exhibit featuring thirty-six California artists lets you stay in your car and browse the exhibit. Organized by the Museum Studies Class at San Diego Mesa College. The works on display question the “new normal” of 2020 by questioning spaces. Indoor and outdoor, public and private. As well as the virtual against the physical. The artwork was painted or printed on 3 x 5 foot banners attached to the fence around the perimeter of parking lot 1 at the college. This year’s impacts have been tough on the arts community and Mesa College remains adaptable with this innovative presentation. This exhibition reinvents the possibilities of human connection. And empowerment in times of crisis.

Participating artists:

Kirsten Aaboe. Victor Angelo. Jenny Armer. Lucy Boyd-Wilson. John Calavitta. Katie Carrion. Michael Chavez. Remi Dalton. Joseph DeLaunay. Sheena Rae Dowling. Christopher Ferreria. Katie Flores. Kirsten Francis. Sarah Frey.
Sora Gallagher. Scott Gengelbach. Sofia Gonzalez. Janice Grinsell. Steve Harlow. Kathleen Kane-Murrell. Ginger Lou. Don Masse. Bhavna Mehta. Lourans Mikhail. Michelle Montjoy. John Oleinik. Judith Parenio. Johanna Poethig. Yvette Roman. Elizabeth Salaam. T. Jay Santa Ana. Gail Schneider. Andrew Sena. Jennifer Steffey. Christopher Tucker. Cindy Zimmerman.


San Diego MesaCollege→ 7250 Mesa College Dr, FA 103 San Diego, CA 92111

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