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Directed by: Rembrandt

Directed by: Rembrandt

Directed by: Rembrandt

The Rembrandt House Museum – March 02 to May 26, 2024 Amsterdam (Netherlands)


Rembrandt was a master storyteller, not with words but with images. To tell stories, he made use of techniques that were also used in the theatre, such as facial expressions, gestures, lighting, costumes, and accessories. In addition, he chose the best moment to depict: the moment of greatest tension, of ultimate suspense. The exhibition Directed by: Rembrandt highlights, for the first time, Rembrandt’s role as a director of his own artworks. And it reveals how 17th-century painters and theatre-makers were inspired by each other.


A number of masterpieces are coming to Museum Rembrandthuis for the exhibition, from the Staatliche Museen zu Berlin, Mauritshuis and The Kremer Collection, among others.




The Rembrandt House Museum→  Jodenbreestraat 4 Amsterdam, Netherlands 1011







Current Exhibit

Current exhibit