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Crip* – Collective Exhibition

Crip* - Collective Exhibition

Gallery 400 – Until March 12, 2022 Chicago (US)


Crip* is a collective exhibition featuring artists who address disability and intersectional thinking. Some of the performers identify as disabled. Some don’t, but everyone has a relationship to (at least one) non-normative identity. Artists are often expected to “perform” their identity for the art world by imagining themselves. On the one hand, it diversifies the world of art. But on the other hand, this, in effect, classifies artists with non-normative identities. Reinforcing the distinction between normative and non-normative. This reduces the rich and complex knowledge gained through lived experience to a more flattened and singular interpretation.

Emilie Gossiaux.

Crip* artists are attuned to concepts that exist beyond the scope of simplified identity distinctions or interpretations. For example, Emilie Gossiaux’s work is informed by her hearing loss and vision loss. However, what drives her work is a broad interest and deep understanding of communication. On the interdependence and the link between meaning and memory. . His sensory capacity offers him a unique but not limiting point of view. Thus, Gossiaux has no interest in producing a work that is reduced to simply imagining its specific sensory constitution.

Alison O’Daniel.

The vast project of Alison O’Daniel. The Tuba Thieves, utilizes O’Daniel’s understanding of sound through both his access to it and his awareness of its absence due to his hearing loss. Scene 55 The plants are protected draws magnificently on the generative space of translation. In fact, O’Daniel created his cinematic visuals based on sound scores produced by five different composers. Deaf sound artist Christine Sun Kim produced the Stage 55 soundtrack. Through O’Daniel’s project, we are able to reconsider the rich liminal space formed between absence and presence.

Artists on show.

Liz Barr. Shannon Finnegan. Emilie Gossiaux. MaxGuy. Christopher Robert Jones. Carly Mandel. Darrin Martin. Alison O’Daniel. Berenice Olmedo. Carmen Papalia and Heather Kai Smith. Bronte Purnell.



Berenice Olmedo
Berenice Olmedo
Christopher Robert Jones
Christopher Robert Jones
Carly Mandel
Carly Mandel


Gallery 400→  400 South Peoria Street Chicago, IL, USA 60607







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