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Carlos Cruz-Diez: L’Euforia del Colore

Carlos Cruz-Diez: L'Euforia del Colore

Carlos Cruz-Diez: L’Euforia del Colore
Galleria Continua – Until Sep 10, 2023 San Gimignano (Italy)


Carlos Cruz-Diez is one of the main protagonists of contemporary art. His work and his writings make him the last great thinker of the 20th century in the field of colour. On the occasion of the centenary of his birth, Galleria Continua is pleased to welcome, for the first time in its exhibition spaces in San Gimignano, a solo exhibition by the French-Venezuelan artist. Pioneer of kinetic art and undisputed master of colour, he proposed the latter as an autonomous and evolutionary reality in which the implication of our senses reveals chromatic events as they develop. “The Euphoria of Colour”, as the title of the exhibition, presents the highlights of the artistic career of Carlos Cruz-Diez, exploring the artist’s colour theory, through some of his most iconic works, including an installation in San Gimignano’s historic city centre. A rich archival documentation completes the exhibition.

Evolutive situation.

“Colour is not simply the colour of things which surround us, nor the colour of shapes. It is an evolutive situation – a reality which reacts on the human being with the same intensity as cold, heat or sound, for example. It is a basic perception which our cultural tradition prevents us from isolating from artistic colour and its esoteric or anecdotic notion.” says Cruz-Diez. And he continues, “I wanted my work to be a phenomenological situation, where true colour would be liberated from all aesthetic and symbolic meaning and would therefore reach its maximum potential.”



Carlos Cruz-Diez: L'Euforia del ColoreCarlos Cruz-Diez: L'Euforia del ColoreCarlos Cruz-Diez: L'Euforia del Colore

Galleria Continua →  11, Via del Castello San Gimignano, Italy 53037








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