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Botero Larger-than-life

Botero Larger-than-life

Botero Larger-than-life
Opera Gallery, Dubai Atlantis The Royal – Sep 20 to Oct 06, 2023 Dubai (Arab Emirates)


Opera Gallery Dubai is excited to debut its first show at Atlantis The Royal, featuring the remarkable works of one of the most renowned artists of our time, Fernando Botero.

Through this collection including curated canvases, works on paper, and sculptures, we invite attendees to embark on a journey that transcends cultures, time, and space, exploring the unique connection between Botero’s masterpieces and the vibrant city of Dubai.


Dubai, a city known for its grandeur, opulence, multiculturalism, and visionary spirit, provides a fitting backdrop for this exceptional exhibition. Just like Botero’s art, Dubai is a place where larger-than-life dreams come true. The juxtaposition of Botero’s exuberant figures against the skyline of Dubai creates a fascinating dialogue between art and architecture, tradition and modernity.

Life’s pleasures.

Botero’s distinctive style celebrates exaggerated proportions and inflated shapes, welcoming viewers to revel in life’s pleasures while contemplating deeper societal issues. Through his unique aesthetic language, Botero encourages to embrace the notion that true beauty lies in embracing our differences.


Botero Larger-than-lifeBotero Larger-than-lifeBotero Larger-than-life4

Opera Gallery→ Unit G7 – Ground Floor, Crescent Rd Palm Jumeirah Dubai, United Arab Emirates







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