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Directed by Yves Navarre.

Actor : Celia Gruss. Bénédicte Blanc-Fontenille. Duc Long Dinh.

From Dec 12, 2019 Miami (USA)


In a large shopping center located outside the city. Two women work as living mannequins in a shop window of garden and swimming pool items. Under an artificial neon sun. Clothing. Bath towels. Garden furniture, everything is for sale. Cat and Fan must give the illusion of perfect happiness all day long. In the sun at the edge of a swimming pool in which moved in silence. But all the muscles outside the handsome Bob. To pass the time, Cat and Fan invent stories. Imitate characters. Will be happy. Love each other. Clash under the gaze of passers-by more or less voyeurs. The true / false duality punctuates the play to the end. Even at the time of the final drama.


The Pool War. A tragicomic play written in the 1970s is still surprisingly topical. Also addressing the themes of loneliness. Of love. From appearance and consumption.


La Guerre des piscines – The M Building 194 Northwest 30th Street Miami, FL 33127 USA

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