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On the rocks

On the rocks

On the rocks
Galleria Continua – Jun 07 to Sep 14, 2024 Paris (France)


GALLERIA CONTINUA is delighted to present in its Parisian space On the rocks, a group show bringing together sculptures, installations, paintings, and videos that explore the fascinating relationship fourteen artists have with stone and minerality.

“On the rocks.”

The title plays, between sweetness and bitterness, on the double meaning of the English expression “On the rocks.” On one hand, in bar jargon, it refers to a drink served with ice cubes; on the other, it describes a difficult situation, borrowing from nautical imagery, of a ship stranded on the rocks. The selection of artworks presented, both joyful and impactful, highlights the incisive perspective of the artists on today’s world and on this material. Stone transcends time, evoking both the durability and continuity of nature in a world in perpetual change. Minerals, with their palettes of colors and varied textures, allow artists to explore unique aesthetic dimensions, creating a subtle dialogue between the natural and the artificial. Beyond its intrinsic beauty, stone can also suggest the weight of time, symbolize the heaviness of emotions and situations, and evoke immobility in the face of change. The polysemy of this material is reflected by the different approachs of the artists featured in this exhibitions.

Hyper-realistic sculptures.

Upon entering, we are immediately greeted by the work Teenager Teenager by the artist duo Sun Yuan and Peng Yu. Hyper-realistic sculptures of people with rocks instead of heads are installed around a chaise longue and an armchair. Offering a humorous yet sinister representation of modern society, the artists investigate the nature and limits of communication among people, caught in the frenetic pace of today’s world.

Artists on show:
Alejandro Campins Fleita. Arcangelo Sassolino. José Antonio Suárez Londoño. José Yaque. Kader Attia. Manuela Sedmach. Marta Spagnoli. Ornaghi & Prestinari. Pascale Marthine Tayou. Peng Yu. Sun Yuan. Zhanna Kadyrova. Zhuang Hui.



GALLERIA CONTINUA→  87 rue du Temple 3e – Paris, France 75003







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